Changping of Beijing is a royal holy place of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Situated on Fuxue road, eastern of Changping Xiguan Island, the palatial Auspicious Business Hotel exhibits traditional Peking style by its grey gate tower, scale tiles, blue brick wall, red lacquer lattice, and stone lions in front of the gate.

There are three huge giant brick carvings at the center of the hotel. The left and right carvings are sculpted in the figure of nine peony groups with the implication of fortune and reunion. The two vivid unicorns in the middle carving bestow an atmosphere of holiness to the hotel.

Once step into the gate, one can better feel the elegance and sublimity of Auspicious Business Hotel. The courtyard structured hall, blue brick wall featured by traditional Peking style, red lacquer lion sculptures, antique doors and furniture of more than two thousand pieces, elegant and graceful calligraphy, paintings and other ornaments, all of the above provide guests an enjoyment of quietness, relaxation, and comfort. Here is an ideal choice for high-end business leisure of domestic and foreign visitors.

The hotel possesses various kinds of functions. The Chinese style doors with flower carving partition different functional rooms. However,the rooms can also be linked when doors are opened.

The theater-like hotel is very lordly with its balconies and columns. The 28 balconies own different scenes and display, each expressing an old story. The cuisine covers the four famous styles of Peking, Hangzhou, Sichuan and Guangdong, and provides various delicate dishes.

The unparalleled SPA district is a southern China garden fairyland, composed by pavilion, murmuring spring, trees and flower and singing bird.

Auspicious Business Hotel, with its unique culture, delicate decoration, magnificent appearance and artful design, is a fortune place in Changping, the old royal region of China.

The hotel owns administrative guest room area, business guest room area, SPA area, water paradise, multi-functional area, Chinese cuisine business area, Chinese cuisine populace area, western-style food & bar area, business center. It can provide high quality considerate service for the visitors at any moment.

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