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Spring is drawing near and let’s plant trees in mountains.

Sitting in the bright and quiet office of Beijing in the genial spring, one can hardly imagine that another dust storm is drawing near. Although the validity period for a real estate property is 70 years, whether the building will last 70 years is still questionable with desert progresses 15 kilometers per year.

2009 Beijing tree Planting and Spring Outgoing activity is to launch as organized by Auspicious Business Hotel


2009 tree planting activity suggests that every participant plant at least one tree and add to the greenness of nature.
In the tenet of returning to nature and afforesting Beijing, the tree planting and spring outing activity choose to plant locust trees which is drought resistant and easy to survive. Meanwhile, people will also be invited to visit national forest parks and experience the spring charm.

We are looking forward to the success of the activity!
のLowest Price: 200 Yuan/person
のDeadline: May 31
のMang Mountain National Forest Park in Changping.
Sales dept. telephone:010-89735016
Hotel website:www.bjyingxiang.com

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