The Chinese meal restaurant is on the east side of the hotel. It provides an ideal environment for guests to taste delicious food, talk business and enjoy the beautiful scene at the same time.


Once enters the restaurant, one can easily notice at the entrance wall the brick carving of “Householder Monition” with over one hundred years from Pingyao of Shanxi province. Behind the wall, there is an open Chinese style theatre-like dining hall of two floors with grand columns and balconies. Guests on the second floor can enjoy the performance downstairs. Each of the 28 balconies is decorated with different scenery and display, implying a difference old story. The first floor of the restaurant can hold 300 people, which is a perfect place for holding a traditional wedding ceremony. One can also listen to music and enjoy the play here to experience the honor and elegance of privileged people at the old time.

The third floor of the restaurant is VIP area. Each balcony on this floor has an independent courtyard in the open air. In the garden downstairs there is a hill containing abstruse Chinese geomancy. The cuisine covers the four famous styles of Peking, Hangzhou, Sichuan and Guangdong, and provides various delicate dishes.

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