Chinese Style Garden

Enjoy life and treat oneself kindly to experience the unique SPA and the warm bath is very healthful and can make one in a good mood


The SPA of Auspicious Business hotel makes people feel warm and genial. In the open and bright water remedy area, there are white wall, grey bricks, murmuring water, pavilions, trees, flower and singing birds, as if a delicate and elegant Suzhou style garden. Here people and water, soul and nature are blended together. One can release all pressures, feel really free, and acquire tranquility with the SPA.

Besides the visual character, the functions of the SPA are also designed with Chinese connotation and consideration. VIP exclusive rooms, restrooms, foot care and massage services are all available. Especially under the sunshine, there are acupuncture bath and Turkish bath, all providing comfort and considerate service to guests.


VIP Room Price

1、 There is half an hour free restroom use after the ordinary treatment. For the extra time, 60 RMB per hour is charged.

2、 The fee for chess and cards rooms (Cherry Flower,Lily, Rose, Lilac, Winter Jasmine ) is 60 Yuan per hour with a maximum charge of 300 Yuan (for the automatic chess and cards rooms, the fee is 80 Yuan per hour with a maximum charge of 400 Yuan) within a day no late than 2 AM.

3、 The fee for the first hour in VIP rooms of Spring Peach, Summer Water Lily,Autumn Chrysanthemum, and Winter Plum Blossom is all 120 Yuan. From the second hour, the fee is adjusted to 100 Yuan per hour. When guests enter the public area, the room time will not be reduced. Free sauna,shower, fruit and drinks need booking in advance.

4、 “Peony room is for two persons, and the fee is 120 per hour for the extra time beyond the first half an hour after treatment.

Business hour: Morning 10:00 AM – Evening 2:00 AM
Note: Day SPA not for staying overnight

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