Chinese Style Garden

Enjoy life and treat oneself kindly to experience the unique SPA and the warm bath is very healthful and can make one in a good mood


Classical SPA Items

Swedish Aromatherapy Essential Oil Massage 60/90Minutes 368/468 RMB
Lymphatic Detoxicating Treatment 90Minutes 468 RMB
Classic Thai Aromatherapy 45Minutes 268 RMB
Victoria Bay Therapy 45Minutes 268 RMB
Traditional Chinese Massage 45Minutes 138 RMB
Combined Western and Chinese Foot Care Service 60Minutes 88 RMB
Alcohol Detoxification Foot Care 60Minutes 98 RMB
Kidney Warming Foot Care 60Minutes 98 RMB
Toxin Expulsion Foot Care 60Minutes 98 RMB
Royal Milk Foot Care 60Minutes 88 RMB
Ginger Foot Care 60Minutes 88 RMB
Icy Foot care 60Minutes 88 RMB
Foot Massage 45Minutes 68 RMB
Stroll in the Clouds Experience 60Minutes 288 RMB
Refined Sea Salt Exfoliation 45Minutes 168 RMB
Head Massage 30Minutes 68 RMB
Stomach and Intestines Recuperation 30Minutes 200 RMB
Abdomen Toxin Expulsion 30Minutes 200 RMB
Ovary Care Service 30Minutes 200 RMB
Kidney Care Service 30Minutes 200 RMB
Bath Scrubbing Cloth/salt/milk/honey/toothpaste   48 RMB
Pedicure Service   58 RMB
Scraping Therapy   48 RMB
Cupping Therapy   48 RMB
Foot Scraping Service   48 RMB
Milk and Petal Bath   88 RMB
Whitening and Nourishing Bath 120Minutes 688 RMB
Rose Bath 90Minutes 588 RMB
Chinese Medicine Bath 90Minutes 888 RMB
Extra Cool Power Care 60Minutes 536 RMB
French Style Service 60Minutes 680 RMB
Empress Bath 80Minutes 1080 RMB
Emperor Bath 90Minutes 2280 RMB

Various acupuncture and other healthcare services for selection

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